Hope Fellowship Church in St. Joseph, MO

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1108 South 33rd Street

St. Joseph, Missouri 64507

We believe the Holy Bible is the infallible, inspired Word of God, consisting of both the Old and New Testaments; it is the ultimate authoritative rule of faith and conduct. (Psalms 119:160; II Timothy 3:15-17; I Thessalonians 2:13; II Peter 1:21)

We believe in one Almighty God, eternally existing in Three Persons—God the Father, Creator of the Universe; God the Son, Savior of all mankind; and God the Holy Spirit, our Helper and Paraclete. (Genesis 1:26; Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 43:10-11; John 1:1-5; John 14:9; Matthew 28:19; Luke 3:22)

We believe that God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:21-24; Philippians 3:3; Malachi 1:11)

We believe in the Virgin Birth, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; who died for man’s sins and purchased for him eternal life in Heaven. (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:22-23; Acts 4:12; I Corinthians 1:18, 23;

II Corinthians 5:21; I Peter 3:21-22; Romans 6:23; I Timothy 2:1)

We believe all men are sinners in their unrepentant state destined for hell and in need of faith in the Savior Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin and eternal life. (Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8; I John 1:10; Galatians 1:3-5; Romans 6:23; Luke 16:19-31; Revelations 20:11-15; Acts 24:15)

We believe in the fullness of the Work of the Holy Spirit to help us live the abundant life Christ has called us to live. (Luke 24:49; John 14:16-18; John 16:7-16; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:4; Acts 4:8; I Corinthians 12:1-31; Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 8:16-17)

We believe in the Ordinances of the church—Water Baptism and Holy Communion. Water Baptism is an act of obedience and the sign of acceptance into the Fellowship of Believers. In Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper, we partake of the bread representing the broken body of Jesus Christ; and we partake of the juice representing the blood of Jesus Christ; and as often as we do it, we do it in remembrance of Him. (Matthew 28:19; Mark 16:16; Luke 22:19-20; Acts 10:47-48; I Corinthians 11:23-26; II Peter 1:4)



We believe that Sanctification is an act of separation from that which is evil and of dedication unto God. (Romans 12:1; I Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrew 13:12;

I Peter 1:15-16)

We believe in the second coming of Christ which includes the rapture of the saints, which is our blessed hope, followed by the visible return of Christ with His saints to reign on the earth for one thousands years. (I Thessalonians 4:16; Romans 8:23; I Corinthians 15:51-52; Zechariah 14:5; Matthew 24:27, 30; Revelations 1:7; Ezekiel 37:21-22; Micah 4:3-4)

We believe there will be a final judgment in which the wicked dead will be raised and judged according to their works. We believe in the new heavens and the new earth wherein righteousness dwells. (Matthew 25:46; Mark 9:43-48; Revelations 19:20; II Peter 3:13; Revelations 21, 22)